Thrift shopping


Thrift shopping (yes big word) – recycling formerly owned items at a very cheap price.

Yesterday was a great day for shopping. I don’t know why but I just had  the feels to shop. Anyways, I’ll state my point. I had no money, although I had some but it wasn’t enough to buy brand new stuff. So I decided to go to the thrift store since it was just located across our house. It was super near that I don’t have to ride anything just to get to the place.

These are the things that I bought:

1. BF jeans.



Yeeeey! I was so happy that I saw those. Hahaha I’ve never had one because I always find the pretty ones too expensive awww. Other pretty thing about thrift shopping is that you never know what’s there unless you’re there I mean who would have thought I’d get to see what I was looking for without expecting.

2. School Bag





Another yeeey! haahha It’s a pure leather backpack. Just the type I’d wished.


3. I bought other stuff but  the things above were  what I wasn’t expecting.

That’sitfortodayguys. Keep posted.

By the way, I won’t tell you how much I spent because you’ll be shocked haahhaha





Summer’s going to happen forever, but it’s never the same every year.


just look at the blue sky, it’s ❤


and the white sand too


I’m feeling the summer breeze for awhile. Haaaaa it feels so good. You guys might be wondering why I’m over reacting like this especially that this season is really a “vacation” Well, I’m having summer classes (since it’s compulsory, otherwise I would have to study for 6 years). At this very moment I know every classmate of mine are busy studying for the exam later on while I am excusing myself for a little vacation. HAHAHA I know I know that I’m being bad a*s student since I am prioritizing my vacation rather than taking the exam but this happens only once every year right? I mean summer’s forever gonna happen but it’s not the same every year. It took me a day to decide whether I should study or not but anyways here I am enjoying the beach and I’ll make sure I’d enjoy it to bits so there would be no regrets, just love. I’ll stop now haha I’ve blabbered a lot of nonsense.

Place: Anika beach resort